Physician Network

Our organization focuses on development and training of physicians, therapists, researchers, chemists and biologists who form a physician network devoted to providing cutting edge breakthrough treatments using stem cells and related therapies. Our stem cell physician network serves as a connecting resource to help patients in need find the therapies they need at an affordable cost.

The physician network has connected thousands of patients with the life-enhancing treatments they need. All physicians in the network are approved practitioners that have received the necessary training to deliver stem cell therapies, treatments and stem cell transplantations. These treatments have proven benefits for a people suffering from a wide range of debilitating ailments, including joint disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease, COPD, multiple sclerosis and other nerve disorders.

Who We Are

Our network consists of a consortium of doctors, researchers, biologists, chemists and other health care providers who have banded together to set the standard in the delivery of stem cell therapy. Our treatments are at the cutting edge of stem cell therapies, providing breakthrough results and feeding an evolution in integrative and alternative medical care. Our goal, in addition to providing the highest quality care for each of our patients, is to advance stem cell therapy and its many applications.

What We Do

Our network member physicians have spent years learning the techniques and technologies used in delivering stem cell therapies. The techniques and technologies used in our treatments have been certified as those that deliver the highest number and best viability of harvested stem cells, thus delivering the best results and outcomes for our patients.

The philosophy behind our treatments is one shared by all of the physicians in our network: to support the body in regeneration by providing the boost needed to accelerate healing, and, wherever possible, to cause a reversal in the disease process.

Our Physician Network

Our network includes a selection of certified practitioners and facilities in many states and countries that provide stem cell treatments and stem cell therapy. The therapies offered range from cosmetic processes to sports medicine to treatments for cancers, coronary artery disease and degenerative bone and nerve disorders. Our network professionals will work with you to find the facilities and practitioners that will best serve your medical needs with services that are affordable for you.

Our Stem Cell Network Team

Our team specializes in utilizing cutting edge technologies and procedures to deliver the treatments that can change and enhance your life. We work to deliver the results that will help you maintain the highest possible quality of life in every way possible, including by providing training to doctors and specialists in all the most advanced stem cell technologies and treatments. Our doctors have trained at some of the most prestigious medical facilities in the world, and are involved in cutting edge research to further the knowledge about this exciting future avenue for medicine.
Let us help you find the treatment you need for relief, rejuvenation and healing. Our trained stem cell physician network is waiting to help you.

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